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Bill – December 21, 2017


Doug Johns


to mystuff

How goes it?

Bill Johns


to me

Hi Doug,

Got your message sent in error the other night and have been meaning to write for a while but am generally terrible at sending emails from home as I usually avoid the computer here as too much of it happens at work.

Valerie and I got married at the end of jan and had a cruise honeymoon in the caribbean for 10 days or so.  She and Chelsea get along really well and Valerie is a wonderful influence on her and loves her dearly as does Chelsea to Valerie.  Claire is still Claire with no real change, Chelsea sees her once a weeek on Monday nights overnight and that’s about it.

We ran in to Catherine a few noths ago at her work but other than that have not had contact with the girls or Deb for a couple of years.  Deb and the girls were invited and came to all the family stuff for years (Thanksgiving, Xmas, Easter and summer BBQ) which were alternated amongst houses but never offered at Debbie’s.  We finally gave up after a while because we were the ones making all the initiativesm nothing was forthcoming there.

As far as the other family stuff goes, a fair amount has gone on it Aunt Marnie’s world, Uncle Doug has had a major heart attack a couple of months ago but is on the mend.  Your cousin Pattie had a life-threatening infection of the throat and your great-niece Anya (spelling?) is going through a very serious case of  cancer and is in a bad way (chemo, etc). – all of this came down within days of one another.

Mom is doing well although is growing more and more lethargic physically as time goes by.  Her spirits are excellent and she keeps alive mentally on the internet.

Hope all is well with you and say hi to Darlene for me.



That was 2007 – how did we go from a good start at communication and now the opposite in that you haven’t communicated since this email and have NEVER called despite I know that you have my contact information.
BTW- Darlene without question used Jenny to scam me out of +/- $65,000.00 and we are about to fight it out in court… it’s a long stores and If I thought Jenny knew what Darlene was very deliberately doing I would hate her unconditionally forever. Basically everything that Darlene told Jenny was true except that it happened with her attacking me not the other way around – even the judge knew what was going on and gave her (Darlene) shit.

Hey Bill;

Did you change your phone number ? I tried a few times… wondering how Mom and you are doing…
The # I have is 902.435.1556
Not even the courtesy to respond far less provide me with Mom’s contact details… IN FACT – I ASKED YOU TO GIVE MOM A HUG FOR ME AND YOUR REACTION WAS TO CHANGE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND TAKE ME OFF YOUR FRIENDS LIST !
That is either the most disturbing reaction I could ever imagine, either you are the most insecure/immature person in the history of the earth OR you have ulterior motives.

Re: Mom … December 10, 2006

Bill Johns


to me


Mom’smind is actually pretty good.  She keeps up with things pretty well. She still plays a ton of bridge on the internet and has an eclectic group of long-term bridge partners from all around the world.  She has an opinion on most things and is actually still a good conversationalist.  Am just on my way to drop Chels off at gymnastics and am going to see her for coffee.

I can give you a call later today if you like or you can call here.  Will be fixing the house up for Xmas and stuff.


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To: <>
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2006 3:06 AM

I was wondering Bill… How is Mom’s mind? I don’t know how her health
is and I don’t want to get too deep with her if she can’t handle it…
I know she has been through a rough time but there are certain things
I’d like to say… just don’t know if I should.

Please let me know.



Anyway – you get the idea – I am going to post every email we have ever had including the last few… On January 1, 2018 or soon after if I don’t hear from you first. I’ll figure out what I’m going to do next depending on how you handle this situation…. ‘member what I said Bill I’m the wild card!

Check back to this page on our blog – for now it’s not a public page only a person with a direct link can access it.



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